It is this heat of reaction that may be properly expressed as the "heat of explosion.". The most common artificial explosives are chemical explosives, usually involving a rapid and violent oxidation reaction that produces large amounts of hot gas. Strictly a physical process, as opposed to chemical or nuclear, e.g., the bursting of a sealed or partially sealed container under internal pressure is often referred to as an explosion. The island was rocked by a series of volcanic, The International Committee of the Red Cross said one of its staff members had died in the, Mohammed al-Roubid, deputy head of Aden’s health office, told the AP that at least 16 people were killed in the, Mohammed al-Roubid, deputy head of Aden’s health office, told The Associated Press that along with the 16 killed, at least 60 people were wounded in the, At least 204 people were killed, and thousands more injured in the, Authorities have identified 63-year-old Anthony Warner as the bombing suspect who killed himself in the, The vehicle's owner, Anthony Quinn Warner, 63, died in the, Neighbors told The Tennessean, part of the USA TODAY Network, that an RV similar to the one in the, Federal officials have not revealed a motive in the Christmas Day bombing that tore through downtown Nashville but said the man believed to be responsible blew himself up in the, Post the Definition of explosion to Facebook, Share the Definition of explosion on Twitter, We Added New Words to the Dictionary for January 2021. Though its power is listed as 170, the target's Defense will be halved during damage calculation (unless it is at a value of 1), effectively doubling the power to 340.The user of Explosion will faint even if the attack misses or the opponent is immune to it (due to being Ghost type).If Explosion breaks a target's substitute, the user will not faint, though its image will be replaced by a blank image. This arc flash hazard is a danger to persons working on energized switchgear. Each blast is the extremely bright, super-powerful explosion of a star. “It needs to be lower than the actual strength of the vessel itself. These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word 'explosion.' less internal energy converted into heat); c.f. Local expert isn’t involved in the investigation, but said the explosion in Nashville may have come from a homemade bomb. GAMES BROWSE THESAURUS WORD OF THE DAY WORDS AT PLAY. … Most natural explosions arise from volcanic or stellar processes of various sorts. In addition to stellar nuclear explosions, a nuclear weapon is a type of explosive weapon that derives its destructive force from nuclear fission or from a combination of fission and fusion. Whether it's a bursting balloon or a detonating bomb, you're sure to notice an explosion. How to use explosion in a sentence. The speed of the reaction is what distinguishes an explosive reaction from an ordinary combustion reaction. It can destroy nearby blocks, propel and damage nearby players, entities, and their armor, and cause one or more fires under correct circumstances. The modern meaning developed later:[5], "Explosions" redirects here. The explosion, followed by water and fire damage, impacted backup power generators that eventually failed, according to a statement released Sunday afternoon by AT&T. An explosion is a physical event, generally destructive, that can be caused by several different circumstances. How to use a word that (literally) drives some pe... Do you know these earlier meanings of words? Warning: This video contains disturbing content. Explosive volcanic eruptions occur when magma rising from below has much dissolved gas in it; the reduction of pressure as the magma rises causes the gas to bubble out of solution, resulting in a rapid increase in volume. Three days after a massive explosion rocked Beirut, killing at least 149 people and causing widespread devastation, rescuers are still searching for survivors and the government is investigating Here's what we know about the incident: Bomber identified in Christmas explosion. 1. an act or instance of exploding; a violent expansion or bursting with noise (opposed to implosion). Boiling liquid expanding vapor explosions are one type of mechanical explosion that can occur when a vessel containing a pressurized liquid is ruptured, causing a rapid increase in volume as the liquid evaporates. Fragmentation is the accumulation and projection of particles as the result of a high explosives detonation. A gas explosion is an explosion resulting from mixing a gas, typically from a gas leak, with air in the presence of an ignition source. In the former, slow combustion converts more of the internal energy (i.e. Nashville police and fire crews responded to reports of a … Explosion, on the other hand, is a general term for an accelerated release of energy generating extreme temperatures, releasing of gases and expanding volume. Before 'Intentional' Explosion Rocked Downtown Nashville, RV Played Recorded Warning Message this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. Another type of large astronomical explosion occurs when a very large meteoroid or an asteroid impacts the surface of another object, such as a planet. Explosions frequently occur during bushfires in eucalyptus forests where the volatile oils in the tree tops suddenly combust.[1]. A supernova is the biggest explosion that humans have ever seen. Its primary goal is to equip Christians to engage others in conversations about the Bible, morality, and salvation, with a goal of leading people to saving faith. An object with total mass mtotal = 16.4 kg is sitting at rest when it explodes into three pieces. L’explosion due à une fuite de gaz qui a ravagé un immeuble du centre de Madrid ce mercredi, a causé le décès d’un prêtre, une quatrième victime Le bilan de l'énorme explosion due à une Action d’éclater, produite par l’excès de tension.. L’explosion d’une machine à vapeur, d’un moteur. Get all the news you need in your inbox each morning. When explosion venting is provided for a particular application, the vent area is sized based upon the volume and combustibility of the dust. Classical Latin explōdō means "to hiss a bad actor off the stage", "to drive an actor off the stage by making noise", from ex- (“out”) + plaudō (“to clap; to applaud”). In explosive technology only materials that are exothermic—that have a net liberation of heat and have a negative heat of formation—are of interest. The RV exploded at 6:30 a.m. as the bomb squad was en route. detonation) instead converts more internal energy into work on the surroundings (i.e. For the Ellie Goulding song, see, Learn how and when to remove this template message, Boiling liquid expanding vapor explosions, Largest artificial non-nuclear explosions, 2005 Hertfordshire Oil Storage Terminal fire, Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Standards for electrical equipment in potentially explosive environments, "Ask Ethan: Could Gravitational Waves Ever Cause Damage On Earth? The explosion ended up damaging more than 470 homes and businesses, injuring at least 18 people and killing three. Build an Emergency Supply Kit. État, bruit, mouvement subit et impétueux que produisent les poudres, les mélanges de salpêtre et de soufre, certains mélanges de gaz, etc., lorsqu’ils s’enflamment. On a fall day in Philadelphia when my mother was 13, she walked out of class and saw people sobbing in the hallway. Reaction heat is measured under conditions either of constant pressure or constant volume. Subsonic explosions are created by low explosives through a slower combustion process known as deflagration. 3. Image below: The building has a protective facade (fake wall) designed to redirect any explosive force up through channels and out the fake vents. What does explosion mean? [3] The gravitational wave observed on 21 May 2019, known as GW190521, produced a merger signal of about 100 ms duration, during which time is it estimated to have radiated away 9 solar masses in the form of gravitational energy. Delivered to your inbox! On 16 April 1947, at the Port of Texas City, … A law enforcement member walks past damage from an explosion in downtown Nashville, Tenn., Friday, Dec. 25, 2020. Evangelism Explosion also holds the Bible to be inspired, inerrant, and authoritative. Discretion advised. Explosions can occur in nature due to a large influx of energy. Fragments could originate from: parts of a structure (such as glass, bits of structural material, or roofing material), revealed strata and/or various surface-level geologic features (such as loose rocks, soil, or sand), the casing surrounding the explosive, and/or any other loose miscellaneous items not vaporized by the shock wave from the explosion. For this reason, emergency workers often differentiate between the two events. 2. The explosion is thought to have been a deliberate act of terrorism. A reaction must be capable of being initiated by the application of shock, heat, or a catalyst (in the case of some explosive chemical reactions) to a small portion of the mass of the explosive material. Une explosion est survenue vendredi au matin de Noël à Nashville dans le Tennessee aux abords de la tour AT&T. noun an act or instance of exploding; a violent expansion or bursting with noise, as of gunpowder or a boiler (opposed to implosion). Explosion Release users utilize explosive chakra in combat. Apparent roof damage visible as well. Synopsis. Heats of formations for solids and gases found in explosive reactions have been determined for a temperature of 25 °C and atmospheric pressure, and are normally given in units of kilojoules per gram-molecule. Explosion --physics problem--? A chemical explosive is a compound or mixture which, upon the application of heat or shock, decomposes or rearranges with extreme rapidity, yielding much gas and heat. Buildings shook in the immediate area and beyond after a … Explosive force is released in a direction perpendicular to the surface of the explosive. Find more ways to say explosion, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. The ministry provides direct training materials, tracts, and other resources. An implosion is a similar phenomenon but the pieces collapse into the center of the object instead of being expelled. Explosion definition is - the act or an instance of exploding. In industrial explosions many other gases, like hydrogen, as well as evaporated (gaseous) gasoline (American English)/petrol (British English) or ethanol play an important role. slow combustion) may actually evolve more total heat than an explosive that detonates rapidly (i.e. When a chemical compound is formed from its constituents, heat may either be absorbed or released. chemical potential) of the burning substance into heat released to the surroundings, while in the latter, fast combustion (i.e. A second explosion came minutes later and we were enveloped in a dust cloud. Do not use elevators. The exceptions are called entropic explosives and include organic peroxides such as acetone peroxide. A material in which the first three factors exist cannot be accepted as an explosive unless the reaction can be made to occur when needed. Other notable early developments in chemical explosive technology were Frederick Augustus Abel's development of nitrocellulose in 1865 and Alfred Nobel's invention of dynamite in 1866. The FBI is taking the lead on investigating the Christmas morning explosion in downtown Nashville. The explosion destroyed the facade revealing a solid brick wall behind them. While the ministry is exclusively focused on evangelism training, it seems to hold biblically sound positions on those social issues that intersect evangelistic efforts. Explosions produce a "shockwave" particle effect. Check for fire and other hazards. An explosion is a rapid expansion in volume associated with an extremely vigorous outward release of energy, usually with the generation of high temperatures and release of high-pressure gases. Définitions de explosion. L’explosion d’une mine, d’un magasin à poudre. Among the largest known explosions in the universe are supernovae, which occur after the end of life of some types of stars. Solar flares are an example of a common, much less energetic explosion on the Sun, and presumably on most other stars as well. NASHVILLE, Tenn. (NewsNation Now) — The circumstances of a downtown Nashville explosion on early Christmas morning has brought the power of the FBI and ATF to Tennessee to investigate what happened and who is responsible.“The first that came to mind was the incredible amount of damage that was done to the areas,” said homeland security and counterterrorism expert … Explosion is a versatile Quirk, especially for battle situations as the recoil caused by the blasts can be exploited for mobility purposes. 'Nip it in the butt' or 'Nip it in the bud'. Find another word for explosion. the noise itself: The loud explosion woke them. The liberation of heat with insufficient rapidity will not cause an explosion. Manifestation soudaine et bruyante d'un sentiment, d'une réaction ; débordement : Une explosion de joie, de colère. This rapid generation of high pressures of the released gas constitutes the explosion. Explosion | Un index alphabétique de tous les sujets -international, économie, politique, scientifique, culture et loisirs- diffusés par euronews explosion noun (BURST) B2 [ C or U ] the fact of something such as a bomb exploding: The fire was thought to have been caused by a gas explosion. A massive explosion rocked downtown Nashville on Christmas morning.. Authorities said they believed the blast was intentional. Subscribe to America's largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced search—ad free! Hello, SINCE 1828. It is seemingly common to members of Iwagakure's Explosion Corps. La Ville annonce un bilan provisoire de trois morts, un disparu et It is thought that the building was a … Subsonic explosions are created by low explosives through a slower combustion process known as deflagration. The shock wave can cause substantial damage. Get under a sturdy table or desk if things are falling around you. What made you want to look up explosion? Evangelism Explosion is a program designed to teach witnessing techniques to Christian believers. Examples include an overheated boiler or a simple tin can of beans tossed into a fire. Police say the explosion at a water recycling centre in Avonmouth happened in a biosolid treatment silo, though the cause of the blast is unknown. Please tell us where you read or heard it (including the quote, if possible). This is capable of transmitting ordinary energy and destructive forces to nearby objects, but in the vastness of space, nearby objects are usually rare. Learn what to do in case of bomb threats or receiving suspicious packages and letters. High velocity, low angle fragments can travel hundreds of metres with enough energy to initiate other surrounding high explosive items, injure or kill personnel, and/or damage vehicles or structures. 4. Explosion Release (爆遁, Bakuton, Viz: Explosion Style) is a nature transformation kekkei genkai, suggested to be a combination of earth and lightning. Explosion-proof or flame-proof equipment is sealed and rugged, such that it will not ignite a hazardous atmosphere, despite any sparks or explosion within. Learn a new word every day. “Explosion.” Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, Make sure your employers have up-to-date information about any medical needs you may have and how to contact designated beneficiaries or emergency contacts. See Heat of Combustion for a more thorough treatment of this topic. The force of the explosion knocked an officer to the ground and gave another officer what police hope is temporary hearing loss. If a grenade is in mid air during the explosion, the direction of the blast will be 360°. An explosion is a sudden, violent burst of energy, for example one caused by a bomb. The explosion affected some cell service across parts of Tennessee, Kentucky and Alabama, and hindered the communication of 20 or more … Accessed 27 Jan. 2021. The explosion is thought to have been a deliberate act of terrorism. explosion (countable and uncountable, plural explosions) A violent release of energy (sometimes mechanical, nuclear, or chemical.) Another word for explosion. Starts With A Bang",, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles needing additional references from February 2014, All articles needing additional references, Pages using Sister project links with hidden wikidata, Wikipedia articles with PLWABN identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Classical Latin: "to drive an actor off the stage by making noise" hence meaning "to drive out" or "to reject", Around 1538: "drive out or off by clapping" (originally theatrical), Around 1660: "drive out with violence and sudden noise", Around 1882: first use as "bursting with destructive force", This page was last edited on 21 January 2021, at 11:38. a violent outburst, as of laughter or anger. Do not stop to retrieve personal possessions or make phone calls. The most notorious confirmed ammonium nitrate explosion prior to Tuesday was the 1947 Texas City Disaster. A law enforcement member walks past damage from an explosion in downtown Nashville, Tenn., Friday, Dec. 25, 2020. [4] It is the rapid liberation of heat that causes the gaseous products of most explosive reactions to expand and generate high pressures. Start the day smarter. 2. the noise of an explosion. A positive value indicates that heat is absorbed during the formation of the compound from its elements; such a reaction is called an endothermic reaction. Login or Register. Unless the reaction occurs very rapidly, the thermally expanding gases will be moderately dissipated in the medium, with no large differential in pressure and no explosion. An explosion is a process where an object is reduced to smaller pieces and the pieces are being expelled from the original place. As a result, even a nuclear weapon with a small yield is significantly more powerful than the largest conventional explosives available, with a single weapon capable of completely destroying an entire city. 4. plosion. At least three people were killed and several injured Wednesday in an explosion caused by a suspected gas leak in the heart of the Spanish capital, Madrid, according to the city's mayor. The FBI is leading the investigation. Stay low if there is smoke. La police, qui a bouclé le quartier, évoque un acte "délibéré". The definition of an explosion is a loud outburst or blast, or a sudden increase. An explosion occurs when a large amount of energy is released into a small volume of area in a very short time. Après plusieurs années d’incarcération pour un vol de bijoux, Paolo, dès sa sortie de prison, se met immédiatement en route pour récupérer son butin qu’il avait caché dans un puits désaffecté d’un coin perdu de campagne. Explosion: the act or an instance of exploding. thesaurus. The generation of heat in large quantities accompanies most explosive chemical reactions. As a wood fire burns in a fireplace, for example, there certainly is the evolution of heat and the formation of gases, but neither is liberated rapidly enough to build up a sudden substantial pressure differential and then cause an explosion. Nashville explosion location, what happened. fast combustion). In fact, a substance that burns less rapidly (i.e. An explosion is a rapid expansion in volume associated with an extremely vigorous outward release of energy, usually with the generation of high temperatures and release of high-pressure gases. Latin explosion-, explosio act of driving off by clapping, from explodere. Three people have been killed in a bomb explosion in northwest Spain. See the full definition for explosion in the English Language Learners Dictionary, Thesaurus: All synonyms and antonyms for explosion, Nglish: Translation of explosion for Spanish Speakers, Britannica English: Translation of explosion for Arabic Speakers, Encyclopedia article about explosion. Also, excessive magnetic pressure within an ultra-strong electromagnet can cause a magnetic explosion. “What happened?” she asked. Slippery Words Quiz—Changing with the Times. 32 synonyms of explosion from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 63 related words, definitions, and antonyms. An explosion shook the largely deserted streets of downtown Nashville early Christmas morning, shattering windows, damaging buildings and wounding three people. Protect yourself: 1. Test your vocabulary with our 10-question quiz! heat and work (thermodynamics) are equivalent forms of energy. Chemical explosions (both intentional and accidental) are often initiated by an electric spark or flame in the presence of oxygen. An explosion involves a sudden and often violent burst of energy. 3. a sudden, rapid, or great increase: a population explosion. For example, although a unit mass of coal yields five times as much heat as a unit mass of nitroglycerin, the coal cannot be used as an explosive (except in the form of coal dust) because the rate at which it yields this heat is quite slow. In contrast, in a shaped charge the explosive forces are focused to produce a greater local explosion; shaped charges are often used by military to breach doors or walls. … Buildings shook in the immediate area and beyond after a … The explosion ended up damaging more than 470 homes and businesses, injuring at least 18 people and killing three. Synonyms: blast, blowup, burst… Find the right word. In such a case, to the effects of the mechanical explosion when the tank fails are added the effects from the explosion resulting from the released (initially liquid and then almost instantaneously gaseous) propane in the presence of an ignition source. Explosions can also occur outside of Earth in the universe in events such as supernovae. Black hole mergers, likely involving binary black hole systems, are capable of radiating many solar masses of energy into the universe in a fraction of a second, in the form of a gravitational wave. This can be likened to the difference between the energy discharge of a battery, which is slow, and that of a flash capacitor like that in a camera flash, which releases its energy all at once. Unfortunately, we don't know much more about if this is a victim or if this is connected to the explosion. The FBI is taking the lead on investigating the Christmas morning explosion in downtown Nashville. Explosion inflicts damage, and causes the user to faint. Edward Castillo. Send us feedback. Accidental explosions may occur in fuel tanks, rocket engines, etc. Supersonic explosions created by high explosives are known as detonations and travel via shock waves. L'Explosion est un film franco-italo-belgo-canadien réalisé par Marc Simenon et sorti en 1971. Several techniques of flame-proofing exist, and they are often used in combination: The equipment housing may be sealed to prevent entry of flammable gas or dust into the interior. Industrial gas explosions can be prevented with the use of intri… An illustration of one of the brightest and most energetic supernova explosions ever recorded. Gunpowder was the first explosive to be invented and put to use. The quantity of heat absorbed or given off during transformation is called the heat of formation. Many substances not ordinarily classed as explosives may do one, or even two, of these things. Explosion: the act or an instance of exploding. Fait d'éclater violemment en projetant des fragments, en se brisant ; bruit ainsi provoqué : L'explosion d'une torpille. Image below: Some observations of how hardened this building was. The explosion that rattled a historic Nashville street in the predawn hours of Christmas Day came after an RV repeatedly warned of an imminent explosion. Make a Family Emergency Plan. The explosion aftermath at … “The NFPA 68 calculations tell you how much effective vent area is required for a given Pred,” he said. A high current electrical fault can create an 'electrical explosion' by forming a high energy electrical arc which rapidly vaporizes metal and insulation material. A massive explosion rocked downtown Nashville, Tennessee, on Christmas morning, an incident that caused destruction for several blocks and is … An explosion is a sudden, violent change of potential energy to work, which transfers to its surroundings in the form of a rapidly moving rise in pressure called a blast wave or shock wave. Views expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors. 'All Intensive Purposes' or 'All Intents and Purposes'? In household accidents, the principal explosive gases are those used for heating or cooking purposes such as natural gas, methane, propane, butane. Rupture violente et accidentelle provoquée par une pression excessive : Explosion d'une chaudière. Explosion is a legendary-tier emitter-type quirk that allow the user to create explosions from the nitroglycerin-like sweat that they produce.This is one of the 3 quirks that can be boosted using a quirk-specific gadget, this one being the Explosion Gauntlets. Supersonic explosions created by high explosives are known as detonations and travel via shock waves. Note that the contents of the container may cause a subsequent chemical explosion, the effects of which can be dramatically more serious, such as a propane tank in the midst of a fire. During an Explosion. view recents. Police in Madrid have confirmed there are casualties as an explosion ripped through a residential building this afternoon. Synonyms: blast, crack, burst, bang More Synonyms of … SAVED WORDS dictionary. When they stop falling, leave quickly, watching for obviously weakened floors and stairways. LOG IN; REGISTER; settings. One piece with mass m1 = 4.7 kg moves up and to the left at an angle of θ1 = 18.0° above the –x axis with a speed of v1 = 26.0 m/s. Explosions also occur as a result of impact events and in phenomena such as hydrothermal explosions (also due to volcanic processes). When coupled with his fighting talent and intelligence, Katsuki can come up with new moves with little difficulty, even having a few … The explosion sent thousands flooding into hospitals that were already strained by the coronavirus pandemic, potentially worsening the country's … Une forte explosion, a priori due à une fuite de gaz, a soufflé un immeuble en plein centre de Madrid ce mercredi, vers 15 heures. explosion \ɛk.splo.zjɔ̃\ féminin. The energy source for solar flare activity comes from the tangling of magnetic field lines resulting from the rotation of the Sun's conductive plasma.

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