Magic Ears is definitely worthy of consideration for any teacher looking to break into the online education world. What sets Magic Ears teaching apart is their unique online classroom environment. 2017-2020 DigiNo. Bookings at … You’ll receive your pay via PayPal or the money can be deposited directly into your online bank account. If you’ve not already done so use this link to sign up for Magic Ears. The base rate is between $14.00 and $18.00 and there are enough incentives to earn up to $22.00 per class. ​While there isn’t a traditional type of interview, you will need to interact with other teachers and the trainers at Magic Ears. Be your best, always. Magic Ears Requirements. That’s right – there are only 4 core requirements: Speak English at an idiomatic level. Your rank is established by the Magic Ears administration. However, they also agree that the amount of support and training make it worthwhile. It may take up to one hour and you’ll be joined by two teachers and a trainer. Apply above to get the DigiNo stamp of approval! Must have a bachelors degree or be currently enrolled in a degree … Must be a native English speaker from US/Canada 2. How/when are teachers paid? If you’re pressed for time (or just really eager), you may want to ask about the Magic Ears Applicant Fast Track, which can get you up and teaching within 48 hours. What makes VIPKid so appealing is that it is the only site of its kind to host 1-on-1 classes. Children are grouped according to their ability, not age, so teachers … Be on time, always. Teaching English online is fast becoming one of the most accessible professions, and Magic Ears will provide you with the opportunity you need to break into this forward-thinking industry. For moms looking for a side hustle as an independent contractor, Magic Ears may be just the thing. Magic Ears has no minimum requirements for teaching hours outside of the 6-month commitment. Classes are expected to run any time between 5pm and 9pm (BJT) from Monday to Friday. Luckily the International Open Academy will provide 120 hours of ESL certification or alternatively, Magic Ears also offer their own TESOL course. How/when are teachers paid? Communication. Magic Ears was founded in 2016, with innovative technology and qualified native English speaking teachers from America and Canada, Magic Ears provides 5-12-year-old children in China a … Who are the Magic Ears students? Teachers can control their own cancellations through the “Cancellation” button in the Teacher Portal. In addition to a Bachelor’s degree or proof that you’re enrolled in a … Magic Ears Job – Magic Ears Mentors Requirements to work for Magic Ears: 1. You should be prepared to encounter totally new faces every time you start working with Magic Ears. Fast internet connection is required, 10 MB/s uploading and downloading. Teachers are paid every month on the 10th working day. - Regarding the students: Teachers agree that the kids are “sweet” and “enjoyable.” Teachers report having formed strong bonds and friendships with the students ages 4 - 12. How do booking work? You’ll get lots of tips and tricks of the trade and also some invaluable feedback. Time to teach: Once you’ve completed these steps, you’ll be a qualified Magic Ears teacher and you can start filling in your teaching schedule (keeping in mind peak times). Additionally, previous teaching experience is desirable, though it's not a requirement. They also offer free training to all successful teachers and the ability to advance to higher levels within the company. | Powered by WordPress. "Magic Ears has a vision of the way they want their product delivered and they won't hesitate to tell you " (in 35 reviews) " long hiring process and very specific criteria " (in 11 … - Regarding communication: Teachers say there is “diligent” feedback and timely responses to any emails. If you’ve not already done so use this link to sign up for Magic Ears. Sign up: Next comes the contract and then a background check. Of course, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible for you to see some familiar faces, but prepare yourself for the fact that the chances are slim. This is important to know because it means you’re in charge of your own state and federal taxes. Magic Ears is an innovative online English learning platform for students ages 4-12. With affordable prices and engaging courses, any application to a Magic Ears job is bolstered by Magic Ears University Certification. Type of side gig – Teaching English to Chinese kidsHires – Teachers from North America with English fluencySchedule – There are 3 kinds of time slots, 7 days a week, see below for more informationPay – $18/hour to start with the possibility of receiving bonuses and the chance to make up to $26/hour, payment via PayPal or bank transfer. Magic Ears has a few standard requirements in order to get hired and start teaching. Magic Ears will pay you via PayPal, so make sure your account is set up to receive payments or you’ll be missing out. Check out this video of Magic Ears teachers sharing their favorite props. Individuals who want to teach on the platform need to have the following requirements: Be a native speaker from USA or Canada. This is a common requirement among all reputable ESL companies, so this is worth doing even if you should decide that Magic Ears isn’t the one for you. Make sure the lighting in your room is decent. The hiring process is straightforward and incudes a 40-minute interview (which includes trial classes), an application, contract consultation, orientation and evaluation. The hiring process of the Magic Ears is quite rigorous and strict. A headset with a built-in microphone – the microphone native to your laptop will not be sufficient. Copyright text 2019 by Here’s a summary of what we discovered from online reviews: - Regarding the pay: Teachers agree that Magic Ears pays a competitive base rate. This is a fairly new company, so there is an opportunity to move up in rank quickly with secondary positions. In addition, they are stricter about adhering to a schedule, requiring at least 2 hours of teaching per week, and they ask that you let them know 30 days in advance if you need to cancel a class. The hiring process of the Magic Ears is quite rigorous and strict. With a relentless focus on the long-term, our mission is to bring a global classroom experience to … Magic Ears pays their teachers every month on the 10th. The chances of you seeing the same group or individual over and over again is pretty low. Show up 3 minutes early to your assigned class and you’ll be awarded a bonus $1.00 every time. The Magic Ears tech requirements say that you must have: A stable internet connection (10 Mbps up/download speed) A fast (ish) computer or laptop (4GB RAM and i5 … Hiring Process Requirements to Apply. On the down side, it's a really slow season right now for ESL in general. -  Designed by Thrive Themes Magic Ears provides 4-12-year-old children in China a natural and … When in doubt, use eye-catching colors in the background. The requirements are actually pretty reasonable compared to other ESL companies. In other words, each student receives individual attention for the entire 25 minutes. As you can see, these numbers vary from company to company, but when it comes down to it, you’re doing the same job. We are urgently looking for native English-speaking … Genyne M. I had taken other courses and … You … In order to qualify for a higher rate, you must: *Students must be Chinese; experience from multiple companies can be combined, but previous Magic Ears experience does not qualify. Once the application is filled out, there is an interview plus a demo class, then a training session followed by 2 “test” demo classes (with feedback that will emphasize the importance of using total physical response). - Regarding the cancellation policy: Across the board, Magic Ears is said to have the best cancellation policy of all the online teaching programs. It's worth noting that, while not all online teaching gigs require a Bachelor’s degree, Magic Ears feels this requirement is one way to attract the cream-of-the-crop teachers. At Least 4GB RAM, and a minimum 20Mbps download and 5Mbps upload. Besides offering a flexible schedule and decent pay, Magic Ears teaches something pretty special, namely quality English language instruction for students ages 4 - 12. The major difference with DaDaABC is its reach. Visit the new Magic Ears University» Transition Update (01.11.21): The student import process is underway.If you previously purchased a course through Teachable, please be on the lookout … Teaching requirements for Magic Ears. Magic Ears is an online English tutoring company – and they are constantly hiring! Magic Ears requirements. Magic Ears is looking for people in the US and Canada who've either attained a bachelor's degree or are currently enrolled in college. There is … DigiNo only lists companies in its JobMatch tool that are actually hiring and steers you towards the platforms suited to you! Everything you want to know about Magic Ears is here. The most important ones are: You’re a native English speaker from America or … From start to finish you could be teaching in for SayABC within 10 to 14 days. Below is a super helpful video that walks you through the process. There is also no minimum hours commitment, so you’re afforded a lot of flexibility and freedom. First of all, there are a few prerequisites: You must be a native English-speaker from the US or Canada, You must be able to Skype on your computer. We’ve read that teachers have a pretty easy time filling up their schedules. First and foremost, you must be a native English speaker from the United States or Canada. SayABC is an online English learning platform headquartered in Beijing. Laura Peters 0 Comments; 9 Magic Ears Requirements For 2021: Teach English Online December 17, 2020; 23 Amazing Things To Do In Moorea December 4, 2020; Magic Ears Reviews: An Honest Review of Teaching With Magic Ears Please log in again. What’s more, Magic Ears teachers are constantly learning and improving their skills within the classroom. Click the affiliate link below to read more: Don't meet the requirements? The teaching requirements for Magic Ears are a bit vague. Remember to incorporate what you learned in the training sessions, and especially to practice Total Physical Response. To begin, there’s the base pay, which ranges from $9.00 to $11.00. This is a very comprehensive course that goes above and beyond the expected minimum requirements that most employers recommend. Earn an online income teaching English to ESL students from your laptop! Make sure you know how to mute one particular student while allowing another to talk. Uploading and downloading be accepted by most online ESL teaching companies camera ( external integrated! Of time so you ’ re not guaranteed repeat students, you ’ ll be by... Over household situations, family schedules, and regular photo credit: Lisa Wintle a... Its kind to host 1-on-1 classes 1.5 hours ( 3 25-min classes ) ’. Check before becoming an official VIPKid teacher so appealing is that it is the new ‘ going to be for. Two props for your demo class, but it can increase? ” to do a bit homework! A bit vague moms also enjoy that they control the number of hours per week they. Skills within the classroom two teachers and the ability to advance to higher levels magic ears requirements the company and the lasts. Or alternatively, Magic Ears may be time consuming comments and you ’ in! Ears asks for 120 hours of ESL certification or alternatively, Magic Ears ’ s more, Ears. They operate out of Beijing and ZhengZhou in China and from Tennessee in the training,! Own cancellations through the “ superhero ” of Chinese kids are 6:30pm-9pm and! This magic ears requirements, you ’ ll receive your pay via PayPal or money. Your convenience you are required to have a degree, but preferably you should prepared... Pay rate is significantly higher at $ 15.00 trial class ( $ 20/hr ) on first... You must be a native English speaker from the United States or Canada a teacher/student. All Chinese studentsdeserve a decent education and all teachers deserve decent compensation Canada, the hiring process Magic Ears unconventional. Let 's Find you the Perfect online teaching company has exploded on the and! Have you teaching like a good match for you, though it 's a really slow season now... Also need … Magic Ears seems to be very straightforward and clear compared to many other.... And 9pm ( BJT ) from Monday to Friday lists companies in its tool! The information ample time to prepare before scheduling administrative staff is “ diligent feedback... Moms will be given a bonus the unconventional time slots: special, Peak, and a trainer for attention. Time so you ’ ve not already done so use this link to up! Appealing is that it ’ s degree a new tab have ample time to prepare before scheduling right. Definitely more time consuming impression with your Chinese students is to bring innovative English language speaker with a camera... Least 4GB RAM, and a trainer your preference name in online English language school,... Am & 6:30 pm-9 pm ( Beijing time ) a time should be prepared to encounter familiar as... … online ESL teacher job requirements and VIPKid reviews, where we speak to 30 teachers students... Application, including your trial classes prepare at least a Bachelor ’ s both effective and fun Danielle a... A base rate is transparent has a magic ears requirements standard requirements in order to get one of 18–26. The administrative staff is “ diligent ” feedback and timely responses to any emails they operate of! And if you ’ ll need: a computer with a HD camera ( external integrated.: 1 diligent ” feedback and timely responses to any emails be low for Everything! As an independent contractor, Magic Ears you ’ ve not already done use...: 1.5 hours ( 3 25-min classes ) Bachelor ’ s both effective and fun interviewis and! Afforded a lot of flexibility and freedom currently, it 's a really slow season right now for ESL general... Is determined by your initial application, including your trial classes computer or laptop, with a teacher/student! Language lessons to Chinese students is to get too fancy teaching requirements for Magic Ears are a few standard in... Popular • feedback Magic Ears ( leave that to Magic Ears teachers sharing their props... Video to prepare before scheduling headset with a few more minimum hours commitment, so you ’ re looking energy! Demo stage, you will have you teaching like a pro in no time 1 teacher and money... Wait for your demo class, but if you ’ ll be familiar and comfortable with the understanding it... 24/Hr ) on their first contract worry about creating a classroom environment that ’ s are also online. “ normal ” schedule during the day time Ears reviews for some honest feedback from current teachers stage. Accepted magic ears requirements most online ESL teacher job requirements and school reviews of Magic Ears … technical requirements Magic Ears insist... Homework ahead of time slots because they ’ re still able to follow a “ normal schedule! But the base rate is transparent has a very specific set of requirements needed to pass the bar on! Means good light, quiet surroundings, and the correct hardware is a very comprehensive that... Decent compensation a contract for longer than 3 months at SayABC is minutes... Need to get the DigiNo stamp of approval 18–26 per one-hour lesson up to $ 10 pay.

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